PUP Tuition Fees for its Master's Degree Programs

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)

PUP offers its Master's degree programs at the PUP Graduate School, which is housed in a four-story building with air-conditioned rooms and equipped facilities. PUP claims that it is one of the best graduate schools in the country.

PUP Tuition Fees:

Graduate School Entrance Examination Fee 500.00
Tuition fee per unit is 250 pesos.
Miscellaneous fee is 1,700 pesos.

Miscellaneous fees include the following:

Registration Fee

Identification Card100
Medical and Dental Fee50
Library Fee100
Computer Laboratory200
Graduate Forum (annual magazine)     100
S.I.S. Fee250
Energy Fee800

Other Fees


Comprehensive Exam (per subject)100
Centennial Fee200
Graduation Fee 600
Diploma Fee200
Transcript of Records (per page)     200
Thesis Writing and Defense1,200
Dissertation and Defense3,000
Alumni Fee350

Note: Rates may change without prior notice.


Master of Science Degrees
Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)
Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)
Master of Science in Mathematics Education (MSME)

Master of Arts Degrees
Master of Arts in English Language Teaching
Master of Arts in Filipino
Master of Arts in Economics

Master's Degrees
Master in Applied Statistics
Master in Business Administration
Master in Business Education
Master in Communication Master in Educational Management
Master in Industrial Engineering and Management
Master in Information Technology
Master in Library and Information Science
Master in Physical Education and Sports
Master in Psychology
Master in Public Administration

Application Requirements:

1. Bachelor's Degree Transcript of Records, with S.O. No. if from private college or university, one original copy and and one certified true copy
2. Two copies of ID photos, 2"x2" (most recent and identical photos with full name)
3. Birth Certificate from NSO, one original and one photocopy
4. Original Certificate of Employment (if employed)
5. Original Certificate of Good Moral Character or Barangay Certificate
6. Original Medical Certificate
7. Certificate of Marriage (for female married applicant, photocopy)
8. Bachelor's degree must be related to the Master's program
9. Average grade must be 2.00 or better

For more information on the PUP Graduate School:

Email: gs@pup.edu.ph
Tel Nos: 716-0933

Office of the PUP Graduate School Dean
Ground Floor, M.H. del Pilar Campus Valencia St.
Near R. Magsaysay Blvd.
Sta. Mesa, Manila Philippines 01008


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