University of Manila Courses

Below is a list of University of Manila courses.

University of Manila is one of private universities that charge among the most affordable tuition fees in Metro Manila. You can study at this university for less than 20 thousand pesos per semester, as of 2012.

546 Dr. Mariano V. de los Santos Street
Sampaloc, Manila

Tel Nos: 7355256 / 7355084 / 7355085 / 7355094
Email: admin@um.edu.ph

Undergraduate Courses:

BS in Accountancy
  Major in: Banking and Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing
BS in Industrial Engineering
BS in Civil Engineering
BS in Criminology
BS in Foreign Service
BS in Computer Science
BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management
BA in Political Science
BA in History
BA in Economics
BA in Public Administration
BA in English
B of Science of Education
  Major in: English, Filipino, Mathematics, Science, Library Science, Guidance & Counseling, Computer Science, Library Science,
Bachelor of Elementary Education

Short-Term Courses:

Building Construction Specialist (3 years)
Associate in Computer Science (2 years)
Associate in Hotel & Restaurant Management (2 years)
Certificate in Bookkeeping (2 years)
Certificate in Library Technician (2 years)
Certificate in Computer Secretarial (2 years)
Certificate in Political Science & Technology (2 years)
Certificate in Hotel & Restaurant Management (1 year)
Certificate in Tourism (1 year)

Master's Degree and Doctor's Degree Programs:

Master of Business Admistration
Master of Public Administration
Master of Laws
MA in Education
 Major in: Administration & Supervision Guidance & Counseling
MA. in History
MA in Political Science

Doctor of Education
Doctor of Public Administration

University of Manila also offers high school and elementary education.

University of Manila courses

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